Welcome to the new support site.  One of the first changes that you will notice is that there are no longer "usernames".  Your email is now your user name.  If you did not have a current email in the old site, not to worry, we will tell you how to fix that below.

If you had a current email on the old site:

use your back button to return to the login page and click the "Forgot Password" link.  You will shortly receive an email with a reset link.  Follow the instructions, create a new password, and log into the site.  You will be done at that point.

If you did not have a current email on the old site:

1.) Click the link below to create a login account using an email that you can access. 

2.) Complete the confirmation process via the link in your email. 

3.) Ask your office manager to send you an invitation link.

4.) Click on the link in the invitation email.

You should now be able to log into your account.

Click here to create a new account

*If the registration page says that your email is already taken, you can skip to step 3 above.

*If you are still having problems after following the steps above please contact Customer Care
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